This machine is designed for lapping and polishing the double surface of the thin components.

The machine precision is assured by the axis for the tray, lower plate, upper plate that bears the weight by TRB (Tapered Roller Bearing) and DGRB (Deep Groove Ball Bearing).

There is an up and down gear ring that can be realized through can bushing is driven by air cylinder. The sun wheel is driven by 1.5 kW motor with reduction gears.

The upper polishing plate, lower polishing plate, and inner gear rings are driven by the reduction gears, which are stepless variable frequency for speed-regulating, stable start and stop without impact. Ideal polishing speed can be achieved for different material polishing.

The control parts are all adopted with 24 v of power supply which is safe for the operator and also the equipment.


Technical Data:

Machine Type YH2M8432C
Upper Plate Size(OD×ID×Thickness) (mm) Φ1070 × Φ495 x 45
Lower Plate Size(OD×ID×Thickness) (mm) Φ1070 × Φ495 x 45
Max Machining Pressure (kgf) 300 (Polishing Pad & Brush Polishing)
Min Thickness of Workpiece (mm) 0.4 (Straight-sided Workpiece)
Max Size of Workpiece (mm) 290 (Rectangle, Diagonal Line: 290)
Machined Workpiece Precision Output Parallelism can be assured to reach 0.005 when input parallelism is within 0.005
Upper Plate Speed (rpm) 5-50 (stepless regulating)
Lower Plate Speed (rpm) 5-45 (stepless regulating)
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 1600 x 1440 x 2700 (2.3 m)
Total Weight (kg) 3200

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Vertical Double Surface Lapping & Polishing Machines (YH2M8432C)

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