CNC Combustor Casing Blasting System

Description: This machine is designed for a complex task, depends on the application needed. I..

Combustion Chamber Blasting System

Description: This machine is designed for situations that we are using very fine media which has ..

PLC Steel Sheet Conveyor Blasting System

Description: Surface treatment on thin steel sheets may be delicate in the process as deformation..

PLC Auto Conveyor Blasting System

Description: This system can custom design fixtures with work with your part and provide ample bl..

PLC Auto-Roller Blast Cabinets

Description: PLC Auto-Roller Blast Cabinets provide surface profiling to tubular components. T..

PLC Rotating Head Autoblast Cabinet

Description: This variation of systems can be catered due to different needs. The full rotating h..

PLC Rotatwist Autoblast Cabinet

Description: Large pressure pots provide abrasives for blast guns twisting in both clockwise and ..

PLC 3 Axis Blasting System

Description: PLC 3 Axis Blasting System is a semi-automatic blast cabinet that specially customiz..

PLC Automated Wetblast System

Description: This system with the size of (2 m x 2 m) and multi guns customized for cleaning of T..

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