The machine is designed for grinding and thinning one single surface of hard and brittle metal materials. It is characterized for the purpose of high precision grinding and thinning hard and brittle material.

YHDM450A is equipped with an optimized Siemens 808D CNC system and on-line measuring sensor device to control the thickness and wheel size in the closed-loop.

For vacuum adsorption workpieces, this machine is fixed with an uninterrupted drainage vacuum.

Diamond and CBN wheels are both usable for grinding online automatically.

It is in a swing feeding mode in which the workpieces are able to enter the grinding area with the carrier to be efficiently ground in the fixed point.


Technical Data:

Machine Type YHDM450A
Diameter of Parts (mm) Ф320 (diagonal size)
Thickness of Parts (mm) ≥0.4
Size of Grinding Wheel (mm) φ440 × 65 × φ350
Power of Wheelhead Motor (kW) 15
Wheel Head Motor Speed (rpm) 100-960
Plainness & Parallelism (mm) ≤0.003
Surface Roughness (µm) ≤Ra0.16
Total Weight (kg) 6000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2650 × 1500 × 2650

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Single Disc Surface Grinding Machine (YHDM450A)

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