This machine is designed for shot blasting of flat steels of different dimensions and lengths.

PL is suitable for medium capacity and equipped with a horizontal manipulator for automated handling of flat steel to shot blasting machine, then on conoid rollers through shot blasting machine.

Flat steel is loaded to a loading device. The vertical conveyor then adds flat steel on the roller conveyor automatically, pressing the wheel is then pressing the flat steel on the rollers.

There is an entrance switch that controls the turn-on and turn-off of the shot blasting process automatically so that the throwing wheels shotblast only focused on working pieces. This is to decrease the wearing of the machine and the use of the energy to the minimum.

The working parts are then loaded with a lifting device or through a conveyor to the vibrational conveyor located in the entrance of the blasting machine. The working parts are sent to the shot blasting machine, where they fall in the oscillating drum.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.


Technical Data:

Machine Type PL
Min Flat Steel Dimension (W x H) (mm) 12 x 8
Max Flat Steel Dimensions (W x H) (mm) 20 x 30
Orientation of Flat Steel Vertical or Horizontal
Length of Flat Steel (mm) 4000 - 7500
Transport Speed of Flat Steel (at max section) (m/min) 6
Required Quality of Cleaned Surface (Sa) 2 ½
Working Height (mm) 1000 ± 50
Max Working Width Up To Up to 40 mm
No of Throwing Wheels 2
Type of Throwing Wheels 300 D
Wheel Motor Power (kW) 2 x 7.5kW
Abrasive Speed (m/s) 55
Capacity of Throwing Wheel (kg/min) 120
Total Installed Power of the Machine (kW) 16.5
Filter Motor Power 4
Total Installed Power (kW) 20.5
Air Consumption (m3/h) 3-4
Working Pressure of Compressed Air (bar) 4-6
Total Filtering Surface Approx. 40
No of Filtering Cartridges 4

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Shot Blasting Machine for Flat Steel (PL)

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