This machine is designed for easy maintenance and cost-effective air filtration within the most demanding air cleaning by the dry procedure. It is specialized for capturing and filtering of dry dust and fumes in industries and applications.

PF is proven in a tough industrial environment with exceptional performance and low operating pressure drop.

Dirty air enters the collection nozzle of the filter and is distributed evenly throughout the space. Heavy particles fall in the collection nozzle as the speed decreases upon entering, while partly cleaned air then travels through filter insert and the tube to the upper part of the filter that connects to the suction fan.

Filter cartridges are cleaned by impulses of compressed air, duration, and frequency of impulses is set in accordance with the concentration of dust.

Dust that gathered during the cleaning process in the filter’s nozzle is then removed from the filter by a manual flap or screw conveyor and a star-shaped dispenser.

The filter's size and capacity with the option of blowing the air in the environment or returning it to the working space, type of cartridges, heating of blowing valves, display of cartridges dustiness and cleaning of them are done in accordance with the needs and specifications of the customer.

The system is automated for rusty surface cleaning in continuous cleaning machines and basic colouring in an automated colouring chamber. This has provided reasonable economic benefits with large quantities and quality protection.


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Dust Collectors (PF)

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