This machine is designed for handling welded constructions of complicated forms that weighing from 25 to more than 1000 kg, manufactured in small and medium series.

It is for heavy and complex shaped workpieces: casts, welded constructions, forged and pressed parts, remodelling cold or hot and of various complicated forms, steel bottles, springs, etc.

This type of machine is mostly for continuous blast cleaning, desanding and decoring in the die-cast industry as well as descaling, derusting and reconditioning in the metalworking industry.

Treated workpieces are hung individually on hooks on an overhead conveyor individually. The overhead conveyor will then enter the shot blasting machine.

The process of shot blasting happens with treated objects moving through numerous jets of abrasive. Blasting wheels are inserted at various angles due to the direction of the movement that provides the efficient treatment.

The machine housing is protected with wear-resistant manganese steel. High efficiency of the shot blasting machine is provided by the system for continued returning and cleaning of the abrasive, along with efficient throwing wheels made from wear-resistant materials.

There are rubber screens to keep the abrasive inside the shot blasting machine in the entry chamber and exit cleaning chamber.

Needs and specifications of customers like shot blasting machine’s size, number, and power of throwing wheels, type and course of the hanging conveyor, capacity and number of hooks and frequency regulation of wheel’s revolutions can be customized.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.

Technical Data:

Machine Type VPP-300x600 VPP-500x1200 VPP-800x2000 VPP-1000x2500 VPP-1200x3000
Max Workpiece Dimensions ø x b (mm) 300 x 600 500 x 1200 800 x 2000 1000 x 2500 1200 x 3000
Number of Wheels 4 8 12 12 12
Wheel Motor Power (kW) 7.5 7.5 11 11 11
Total Installed Power (kW) 41 72 143 147 157
Exhausted Air Quantity (m3/h) 6000 12000 18000 22000 25000
Compressed Air Connection (inch) 3/8 3/8 3/8 1/2 1/2
Max Height (mm) 4700 5900 6700 7200 7700
Max Width (mm) 4200 5100 5900 6100 6300
Max Length (mm) 5000 8500 8500 10500 10500
Length of Foundations (mm) without foundations 11500s 11500 13500 13500
Width of Foundations (mm) without foundations 5000 5800 6000 6200
Depth of Foundations (mm) without foundations 1500 1750 1750 1750

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Continuous Shot Blasting Machine with Overhead Conveyor (VPP)

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