This machine is designed for shot blasting of cast different shapes and have the weight up to 100 kg. It is large in series and suitable for continuous flow through shot blasting machine.

Its capacities are depending on the selection and construction of the shot blasting machine and are from 2000 to 12000 kg/h.

Transport type: PNB shot blasting machine is designed for continuous movement of the workpieces on the oscillating drum through shot blasting machine, so it is usually built into a system of line transport.

The working parts are loaded via a lifting device or conveyor to a vibrational conveyor located at the entrance of the blasting machine. Working parts are transported to the shot blasting machine where they then fall in the oscillating drum.

The incline of the drum is regulated with a hydraulic device for lifting and dropping. The drum located at the upper part open construction, allows us to direct the abrasive jet, from the throwing wheels which are built at the upper part of the shot blasting machine housing, on the parts which are blasted and transported through the drum.

Due to the swinging drum. Through the duration of the continued transport through the shot blasting machine blasting parts are each mixing and turning, allows blasting on the whole surface of the blasting parts.

The outlet workpieces are through the vibrational conveyor transported to the appropriate boxes or the conveyor that leads to further operations. This type of machine can be integrated into the preservation line.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.


Technical Data:

Machine Type PL
Max Weight of Workpiece (kg)) 120
Max Diagonal of Workpiece (mm) 8000
Machine Capacity (kg/h) 5000
Flow Speed (m/min) 0.2-1
Capacity of Throwing Wheel (kg/min) 1150
First Filling of the Machine with Shot Blasting Mean (kg) 6000
Number of Blast Wheels 3
Type of Blast Wheels 300 – 30 kW
Type of Blast Wheels (mm) 300
Separator Type Magnetic Separator
Installed Power of the Machine (without filter) ~ 166 kW
Dust Cartridge Capacity (m3/h) 20000
Required Air Underpressure (Pa) 2400
Consumption of Compressed Air (dm3/h) 40
Allowed Temperature Workpieces at Entrance (°C) 100

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Continuous Shot Blasting Machine with Oscillating Drum (PNB)

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