This machine is designed for continuous descaling, shot blasting of wire/bars of various shapes & diameter from 5 to 80 mm, and prepare for further operations, such as drawing, rolling, galvanization, etc.

Options before / after blasting:

  1. Installation in-line
  2. Loading of Workpieces
  3. Roller Guidance at the Entrance/Exit
  4. Handling of Workpieces
  5. Cutting of Workpieces
  6. Painting
  7. Packing of Workpieces

The inlet and outlet sealing chamber seals with a screen that handles the abrasive in the shot blasting machine. The robust PZP shot blasting machine housing is then additionally protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel in the shot blasting chamber. Wire and bars located in the machine are focusing plates that made of wear-resistant material (heat-treated tool steel) which narrows the jet of abrasive (with rebound) from normal width 60 mm to the width of the working piece.

This shows the energy of abrasive is directly focused on the workpieces and to achieve the maximum efficiency of the shot blasting machine.

There is a possibility to choose among different types of shot blasting with 3,4 or 6 wheels. The number and power of wheels are defined by the thickness of the wire/bars and flow speed of wire/ bars through the shot blasting machine.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.


Technical Data:

Machine Type PZP-3 PZP-3 PZP-4 PZP-6
Cross Section of Wire/ Bar ● ◆ ■ ● ◆ ■ ● ◆ ■ ● ◆ ■
Diameter of Working Piece (mm) 5-60 5-60 8-80 8-80
No of Wheels 3 3 4 6
Wheel Power (kW) 5.5, 7.5 11, 15 18.5, 22 30
Quantity of Abrasive in Circulation (kg/min) 160-350 350-520 350-520 350-520
Wire Guidance (Entrance / Exit) Sliding Guidance Sliding Guidance Sliding Guidance Sliding Guidance
No. of Plates for Guidance of Abrasive 3 3 4 6
Internal Guidances for Wire 2 2 3 5

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Continuous Shot Blasting Machine for Wire (PZP)

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