This machine is designed for shot blasting of casts and other metal workpieces of larger dimensions and weight made in large series. The capacity range of shot blasting is from 1000 to 20000 kg.

KOM-VK has 2 types of transport:

  1. Loading of workpieces on the tip-truck rotary table outside the machine, which is usually carried out by crane. Workpieces need to be rotated.
  2. For easier workpieces can be used to transport by a hook.

Shot Blasting Machine Type KOM-VK is a combination of shot blasting machine with rotating hook and spinner hanger shot blasting machine for blasting of big and heavy casts like Cardan housing, geat change, etc.

Exhausting is happen at the pipelines which are installed to the dust collector. Most of the drives are connected to the central electrical box: the machine control unit, from which operation of the blasting machine is controlled totally automatic.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.



Technical Data:

Machine Type KOM-VK
Hook Load Capacity (kN) 30
Number of Throwing Wheels PEP TW ø 380 4
Wheel Motor Power (kW) 22
Capacity of Throwing Wheel (kg/min) 254
Diameter of Revolvable Table ø 2920
Height of Revolvable Table (mm) 875
Door Aperture- Width (mm) ~3600
Door Aperture- Height (mm) ~3000
Dimension of Shot Blasting Area- Length (mm) ~4700
Dimension of Shot Blasting Area- Width (mm) ~4000
Dimension of Shot Blasting Area- Height (mm) ~3600
Max Dimensions of Working Pieces /
Max Diameter (mm) Ø 3200
Max Height on Tip-Truck (kN) ~1600
Max Allowed Load on Tip-Truck (kN) ~100
Total Installed Power of the Machine (kW) ~130
Capacity of Dust Cartridge Collector (m3/h) ~24000

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Combination of Shot Blasting Machine with Rotating Table and Hook (KOM-VK)

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