This machine is designed with a rotating drum for blasting of small to medium-sized workpieces that are manufactured in small or medium-sized series.

It is mainly used for processing castings, forgings, and heat-treated workpieces.

Workpieces can be loaded into the machine via manually or forklift. The process may be partially automated, in a way that the loading of workpieces in the drum may be carried out by the hydraulic loader that placed in front of the machine.

During emptying the machine, the treated workpieces may fall into the crates or vibratory conveyor that locates between the machine and the hydraulic loader. The wheel is mounted on the cover of the drum in order to perform greater efficiency of blasting.

The drum may have a “ triangle” specific form in the centre, which creates a 3D movement, rolling of pieces as enable optimal blasting and processing of workpieces.

Shot blasting machine with a rotating drum is made from 1 piece as means that there are no pinch points. The drum is made from manganese steel and enables even greater wear-resistance in demanding working environments with a polyurethane coating.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.


Technical Data:

Machine Type VB-140
Charging Volume (dm3) ~140
Drum Diameter (mm) ~ Ø 860
Perforation on the Drum (mm) Ø 6 x 10
Max Charging Weight (kg) 300
Max Workpiece Diameter (mm) Ø 120
Min Workpiece Diameter (mm) Ø 10
Throwing Wheel Type ir-320
Number of Throwing Wheels 1

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Shot Blasting Machine with Rotating Drum (VB)

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