This machine is characterized for high precision grinding of two parallel side surfaces of flat metal and non-metal workpieces.

The machine with a CNC system works well with Mitsubishi E60 with friendly HMI and reliable performance. The upper and lower part surfaces processing parts are simultaneous with high precision and without assisted positioning.

The program in the machine which controls the double-disc grinding and wheel dressing control makes the grinding process high in precision. The wheel head feed adopts the precise ball screw unit of feeding with 0.001 mm. Wheel head spindle is driven by the converter, 150-950rpm/min.

The feeding motor carrier adopts converter control with the speed of 1-10 rpm. On the other hand, the coolant is filtered with 3 steps: magnetic separation, paper tape filtering, and sediment filtering. The cooling machine will then put into cycle use after temperature control.

The machine also adopts the hinged carrier plate mechanism (Patent No: ZL200820052659.1) that ease the opening to make a convenient replacement and dressing of the grinding wheel.

The machine body has a casting box-like structure with good shock absorption, reliable rigidity, and thermal stability.

Wheel head spindle is set by vertical configuration.


Technical Data:

Machine Type YHDM750A
Diameter of Parts (mm) Ф50-Ф180
Thickness of Parts (mm) 1.2-60
Size of Grinding Wheel (mm) Ф750 × Ф195 × 75
Power of Wheelhead Motor (kW) 30 × 2
Wheel Head Motor Speed (rpm) 150-890
Feeding Carrier Motor Power (kW) 2.2
Feeding Carrier Motor Speed (rpm) 1-10
Plainness & Parallelism (mm) ≤0.005
Surface Roughness (µm) ≤Ra0.32
Total Weight (kg) 12000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2840 × 3140 × 2880

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Double Disc Surface Grinding Machine (YHDM750A)

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