This machine is designed for shot blasting of large and heavy castings, complicated shapes in small series or single production. The workpieces are loaded to the rotating table on the tip truck with a lifting device.

The workpieces are loaded on the perforated rotating working table of the trolley. The perforated rotating working table of the trolley then drives to the shot blasting chamber. The table surface should be covered with more workpieces as much as possible. This machine works with automatic switching-on, thus the shot blasting time is set by means of programming.

The process is ongoing with a number of abrasive jets of throwing wheels at various angles and give a high-efficiency outcome. The workpieces should be turned and the process shall be repeated.

The housing of the machine is made from steel sheets and profiles in 3 welded segments. This 3 welded segments had form a chamber.

The inner chamber is protected with a wear-resistant shield from manganese steel. The bogie shot blasting machine is enabled by the system for continued returning and cleaning of shot blasting agents, along with efficient shot blasting turbines made from wear-resistant materials.

Standard equipment of larger tumble blast machines includes PLC, display, timer, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of blasting wheels, working-hours counter, variable frequency of the cylinder drive, etc.

The shot blasting machine’s wheels can be upgraded to ir sm@rt wheel. With the combination of ir sm@rt valve, the operation of the shot blasting machine may be more effective and optimal.

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Bogie Shot Blasting Machine (KOM)

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