BFA is produced by the fusion of high-quality bauxite in an electric are furnace at high temperature.

It has compression strength, high toughness, good self-sharpening, lower expansion coefficient, no rusty spot, good hydrophily, high cleanliness, heat resistance, and chemical stability, etc.



  1. Sandblasting
  2. Grinding/ Cutting Wheels
  3. Vitrified Wheels
  4. Cutting Cast Iron
  5. Regular Steel
  6. Carbon Steel
  7. Non-ferrous Metal


Technical Data:


Chemical Composition

Index Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 TiO2
Medium Chromium 95.50 1.1 0.15 2.23
High Chromium 95.65 0.95 0.12 2.48


Grits Available:

F12 to F220, F230 to F1200.
In accordance with the current GB/ FEPA/ JIS sieve standards.

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Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide (BFA)

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