This machine is mainly used for polishing the flat, 2.5 D and 3D arc surface of metal material. It is designed with revolution and rotation of the workpiece plate.

In order to satisfy different polishing process requirements, the polishing plate’s lifting motion is mainly driven by servo motor and ball screws. At the same time, the machine’s workpiece plate and polishing plate are controlled by the CNC program.

The polishing plate is worked by the independent variable motor, meanwhile, the polishing plate’s lifting pressure is driven by the servo motor, ball screw and linear guideway and polishing plate are up and down movement are precisely controlled by the program, to keep pressure stable and ensure polishing precision.

Anti-corrosion materials are adopted for this machine’s flume, panel, a basin which are in contact with polishing liquid. The machine vacuum system is equipped with a digital vacuum pressure gauge, real-time monitoring negative pressure to prevent the workpiece from falling down when there is insufficient pressure.

The machine is designed for automatic draining with equipment of vacuum air and liquid separating device. To provide convenient, efficient and friendly use, this machine is adopted HMI (15-inch touch screen) with PLC, thus also a huge amount of information.


Technical Data:

Machine Type YH2M81116A
Lower Plate Size(OD×Thickness) (mm) φ400 ×35 (Aluminum Alloy)
Upper Plate Size(OD) (mm) φ1135
Number of Polishing Head 5
Workpiece Plate Rotation Speed (rpm) 2-45 ± 2
Workpiece Plate Revolution Speed (rpm) 1-12
Polishing Plate RPM (rpm) 2-90 ± 2
Polishing Plate Lifting Stroke (mm) 350
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H) (mm) 1900 × 1500 × 2800
Total Weight (kg) 3000

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3D Curved Surface Polishing Machine (YH2M81116A)

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